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My parents both made cakes while I was growing up. My father Graduated from Culinary institute of America and then went to the wilton cake decorator class in Chicago where he won a silver medal there.

Then my mother and father did cakes together on the weekends for local banquet halls. i grew up around cake but never really was interested in it unless there were scraps to eat..Not until Back in 2007, I was watching flipping through the channels and stopped on the food Network to watch ACE of Cakes.

I was amazed that he was making edible sculpted art. I then asked my mother if I could help here do a fondant cake and that’s all it took. I was hooked. I started making cakes for everyone i could. I was making cakes for friends and family and posting photos of them on social networking sites and getting a lot of positive responses. Then i was doing cakes for strangers that have seen my work.

I was responding to a customer in a email She asked me ” What made you want to start making cakes like this?” I responded with “ I do it for the kids. Its about making their Dreams Edible” and that is when EDIBLE DREAMS became . I then started looking for a store front to open. I told my mother If Build it they will come .

They did I opened Edible Dreams on Spring st Naugatuck , November 2008. In feb 2009 I entered my first cake show Where i won the Silver for the live cake challenge and first place in the wedding cake category . As my business grew I had the opportunity to do cakes for a lot of great people all across new England . In feb 2010 I entered the cake competition and Michelle Bommarito and Buddy the Cake boss Were the Judges. They gave me the gold medal for the live cake challenge.

In 2010 I made cakes from Tila Tequila, P Diddy , Ryan Gomes, and nicki minaj , even the CEOs of Pinnicale foods (duncan Hines ) in new jersey. In the 2011 Cake show which was judged by talented cake artist Ashley Vicos , Norm Davis ,and Zane Beg. During that 2011 show I was disqualified along with 2 other teams for building cakes greater then the show can handle. Go figure.

So after 4 long years of making cakes for all walks of people. I finally decided to slow down and close the bakery and work out of a private cake studio. I will be doing only 4 cakes per weekend.

This will keep me from burning out again. Orders can be placed with email or call and leave a message @ 203-632-9820

I am back to Making people’s Dreams Edible bigger and better then in the past. Edible Dreams is Connecticut’s Premier cake designer.

Please book your cake early do to the lack of orders taken each week.

Thank you for your support

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